How to Decide Between Repair and Replacement

For windshield replacement in Richmond Hill visit windshield replacement Richmond Hill, for Newmarket check out windshield replacement Newmarket. Windshields are made of treated glass. No matter, how effective the treatment may be, it is after all glass and any glass is prone to break and damage. If your windshield is damaged or broken, that maybe due to some of the common reasons such as collisions, flying objects or vandalism, then it is time to think of either repair or replacement. For obvious reasons, repair is a good option if it is applicable however; replacement is an option that should be the last one. The reason for this is simple. Windshields that are originally installed in vehicles have their strength and stability part of the very manufacturing process and are thus very finely installed as a part of the vehicle. Whereas, any genuine part once removed, throws a challenge to the task and may not be as same but is expected to be as ‘good as new’. Irrespective of what your options are, it is wise that one should have awareness of some basic information, when getting a repair or a replacement of the same. Firstly, know about the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) standards and/or the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard ( standards are also accessible online. Whereas, the service provider is not legally bound to install or follow these standards, you as a customer must insist on your windshield installation to be done according to these standards.  Secondly, ensure that the service provider cleans and removes the surfaces up to 1/16 depth, applies urethane adhesive and other appropriate material ,also gives you an estimate time when the vehicle should become drivable and so on. This also implies that you must have trust in the service provider, because repair or replacement of a windshield is not only limited to the function well done, as it is your own security and safety that counts more, as you are the one behind that windshield, that matters most.